She She Boy or Kage Untalan in real life is the newest Filipino internet sensation to go viral this year. Scoring an interview with mainstream TV program Kapuso Mo Jessica Soho on GMA 7, we expect that will be even more popular.

So what did this guy do?

Untalan regularly posts funny themed videos to his social media account usually centered around current trends on the internet. He's got tens of thousands of followers. But this time he hit it big time when he posted his She She song act shot inside a classroom. Equipped with a pen in one hand and an unsolved Rubix cube in another, he dropped a beat on the table while singing an upbeat song with gibberish lyrics.

She She Boy.

The She She Song Lyrics

She She She

She She She


She. She. She.

She Sheuwarawarahu

She She Eh Eh


Hoho sheshe

Sheshe inshe

Hehe Garawaboom.


Ho humbara

Hi chan bambom

Bari rawara

Banban dinshawarari hey!.

Ek ek kumbarawarawara

Ho, ho, ho. Humbara.

Kaaaaaa...Kali kali.

Kalde hunger.

Humbara hum humba.

Humbara negre he..

Tyamere huwarararara huwaya.

Kam kama kamengi yeah yeah yeah heh.

Kawa kawa kawa

Ka Humbarawara heh.

Ramdam humbarawara ho!
She She Song Lyrics.

According to our research department, Kage Untalan is a simple boy (according to his FB info) currently in school in St. John Colleges in Calamba. He also claims that he works at the Krusty Krab. The internet is expecting to see him appear on national TV on Sunday discussing his rise to fame as She She Boy who did the She She Song.

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