One Finger Selfie Challenge is the latest and probably one the most risque trend that hit social media. It was inspired by an anime drawing by Japanese artist Sky-Freedom.

This challenge prompts social media users to take a photo of them in front of a mirror while naked and only covering the private parts with one finger. The challenge caught the attention of YouTuber Davison and tried it for herself. She managed a perfect shot.
One Finger Selfie challenge Filipino

Others followed suit and as I type this, the OFS challenge is spreading across social media like a zombie plague. Women are not the only ones who accepted and tried the challenge but also some brave men are joining in.

Although, this trend has already taken off in western countries, the Philippines seems to be not accepting the challenge. No Filipino celebrities has taken up with the said challenge yet but we are waiting.

Anyway, here's a collection of photos of people doing the One Finger Selfie Challenge you can use as an example if you ever want to jump onto the bandwagon.

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