You have probably seen countless videos of attempts to cover the viral hit She She Song but still you have not found the best one yet. Until now. Because there's this one girl who did a splendid cover of She She complete with the pen beat and accurate lyrics.

Here name is Issey Miyake Parto or so her FB profile would have us believe. She's only 14 year old with hobbies like dancing and posting musically videos. She has close to a hundred thousand followers on Facebook but that will definitely see a rise because of her She She video.
Official She She Girl

All of us here in Pinoy News Blogger have watched countless of parodies and covers of the said gibberish song but Issey's is the best we've seen so far and we doubt that there is somebody who can match her act in terms of lyrics and beat accuracy. So we now proclaim her as the official She She Girl.

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