Marie Punzalan Delrosario is today's, you guessed it, popular topic on Philippine social media because of her alleged video proliferating the internet. Just several hours ago, it was posted and it quickly went viral before it was taken down and brought back online again.

Marie Punzalan Delrosario scandal.

For those who are not familiar, Marie is kind of an internet celebrity in the country who has over three hundred thousand followers on Facebook. She became popular with her musically videos which went viral earlier this year. She has appeared in several other videos collaborating with other known web celebrities.

She also scored several gigs at different events since she became popular. Today, the number of her followers is expected to hit the roof as her alleged video with a guy in yet another dark room is currently the talk of the town.

Reminder: you must never ever spread inappropriate content, be it a video or download links, on the internet as it is prohibited by Philippine laws.

But is she really the girl in the 5 minute and 57 second long video? One cannot say for sure as the angle and the setting is so conveniently dark to make out any faces. An RBreezy cap made an appearance in the footage though. She was often seen in Rbreezy events in the past. But if you are going to ask us, it is not enough to assume that the girl is actually her.

Moreover, the girl the video is not wearing tattoos and also appears significantly lighter in the upper extremities of her bodies which not at all like our girl MPD. She also posted this message:
Marie Punzalan Delrosario part 2 part 3 download.


It's a hoax that might have been deliberately designed to suggest that it is an actual Marie Punzalan Delrosario scandal video to lure people people onto a certain website.

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