Actress and professional model Daiana Menezes aims to teach math to the people of the internet. She starts with the basics of counting to ten and in different language.

That's not all. She also demonstrates the counting of 1 to 10 by perusing different gym equipment and devices. If you ask us here on PNB who had already gone through Daiana's lesson at least a dozen times, we will tell you that it is very effective. My assistant here claims he managed 10 in one go and that was just by watching the video twice.

Mag Count To Ten Na Tayo Daiana Menezes.

"The trick is you have to set the quality to at 1080p or 720p so you can see it all clearly", my assistant said. "Holding your phone in one hand close to your face while your other hand does the counting is a good form too", he added. "Pausing at specific parts of the video to thoroughly study the littlest details in the educational video can speed up the process of achieving, uh, your goal", he added again.

Diana Menezes

Needless to say, my assistant is now a master at counting to ten in three different languages. He seemed a little tired since coming out of the bathroom where he watched Daiana's video but I can see the glow of satisfaction on his aura.

Here's the educational video of Mag Count To 10 Na Tayo by Daiana Menezes that will teach you stuff like math, fitness and language among other things.

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