Once hailed as Musically Queen Krishna Audrey Johnson is again trending on social media with, allegedly, a new scandal. I am starting to wonder if there's a trend that is going to be called #scandalchallenge any time soon.

A reminder first. We strongly urged you to refrain from spreading such inappropriate materials for it is against our law. Sharing such content can lead to NBI agents kicking down your doors.

Now for those who are not familiar, KAJ, the girl in the alleged scandal video is popular among users of social apps like Musically, Dubsmash and the likes. She became even more popular when her private photos were leaked earlier this year. Yes, this apparently new scandal of hers is her second (part 2). In a year, dang it!

Krishna Audrey Johnson new scandal

Anyway, as responsible bloggers, we are compelled to dig deep and thrust hard to find the truth of it. So we assembled of a team, a task force if you will, composed of two tambays whose job is to argue whether it's actually Krishna in the said video or not. We locked them up in a room with a computer pre-loaded with the subject's photos, necessary download links and the video in question playing on loop for one and half hours straight.

The results are remarkable. Though both members of our task force now appear to be significantly weaker than before they entered the 'research room' (as we like to call them), they managed to come up with a conclusion. Their verdicts are interesting. One guy said he's positive it's actually her while the other concludes that it's just a lookalike and that the circumstances surrounding the release of said footage is questionable.

Long story  short, our little experiment to determine whether it's really KAJ or not proved to be utterly useless. But you can't blame us because the girl in this supposed Krishna Audrey Johnson new scandal only showed half her face so we can't really tell.

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