Jannica or Jennica Torralba is another trending name on social media that is associated in latest supposed scandal. However, it appears that this whole thing is a hoax and that the video is fake.

Early this morning, I have been notified by my team of internet lurkers (who doesn't seem to need sleep) that another scandalous video is circulating around social media. I got curious and was forced to get up early and do some research.

Jannica Torralba scandal.

I found the video which is a one minute clip of self shot amateur video of a couple in a dim lit room doing the things that should have not ended on the internet unless they are paid for it like Kim Kardashian. Anyway, I also found the whole issue a bit off. Something is aught amiss in here, I thought. My years of experience in blogging is telling me that it might be some elaborate hoax.

The first thing I noticed is our newsfeed. Different people are posting the same statuses. That is very suspicious not to mention spammy AF.

Jennica Torralba scandal.
 Then we stumbled upon this statement from a certain Jannica Rain Torralba:
Clearly, someone is suffering because of the proliferation of the said video on social media. Make no mistake, that is so not cool.

I think someone is deliberately trying their best to make Jannica Torralba scandal video or download link trend on social media.

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