A devastated man posted on the internet a drone footage of his wife cheating on him. His wife of 18 years, by the way.

YouTube user YAOG let the whole world know how his wife had just shoved their 18 years of marriage down the drain when he uploaded the video captured using a drone which he used to follow her one morning.

cheating wife caught by drone

He decided to use his drone to follow her one morning after she told him that she was going to work early. His suspicion turned out to be true when he caught her on video meeting with a man at a local CVS.

The video went viral quickly and has since received a ton of comments expressing sympathy for the cheated guy and anger towards the cheating woman.

In an update video YAOG tells us that his wife tried to reconcile with him but he decided against it and that it's better if he ended his marriage with his cheating wife that he caught using a drone.

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