Baron Geisler and Ping Medina was reported to have had an altercatiion after shooting a scene together. Apparently, Geisler urinated all over a bound Medina who snapped out shortly after the director called cut.

Baron Geisler VS Ping Medina

This is not the first time actor Baron Geisler was involved in a urine dousing scandal. Earlier this year he was sprayed with a urine during his weigh in face off with Kiko Matos. The said urine was then proved to be just some yellowish liquor.

Geisler is known not only for his acting skills but also because of his many involvement in controversies mostly with co actors complaining of his work ethics and alleged alcoholism. According to him, Baron is changing his ways and is doing his best to stay sober. This new scandal with another fellow actor is proving that his efforts to stay out of the influence of alcohol are not working well, though.

According Ping Medina, him and Baron hanged out the night before the shooting of their scene together. They had quite a good time and had drinks together but during the shoot Baron went off the script and unleashed a bladder-full of golden streak of human water all over Ping Medina's bondage body.

After the director called cut, Ping confronted Baron and claims he slapped him several times but won't put up fight so he just walked away and let himself be brought to the hospital to treat his broken knuckle due to repeatedly punching the steel wall of a cargo container.

Baron claimed that he has the blessing of their director to do whatever he needs to do to better the scene. Here's his statement on this issue of Baron Geisler making ihi on Ping Medina's face.

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