Steph Lagera is a professional model who is popular for being one of the A-Plus Paint Babes, a group of pretty female models brought together to better sell paint products.

Blessed with a pretty face and seemingly glowing skin of a fairy, she managed to amass over a hundred thousand followers on Facebook alone. That number is bound to rise even higher as people share videos and download links of an alleged scandal of her throughout Filipino social media.
Steph Lagera part 2

Yes, unfortunately, this post is another one about scandals in Philippine social media scene. Anyway, being a group of good bloggers that we are, we started digging for the truth about this rising issue and found out that while the girl in the said video looks a lot like Ms. Lagera, we still have our doubts if it's actually her. So we did some lurking around her social media profiles to find out more. We did not find definitive proof that she is indeed the girl in the video doing stuff to the tune of a Queen song.

My personal opinion is that the girl in the said video is more mestiza-looking than Steph but that won't stop you from searching for part 2, right? I must warn you though for the nth time that spreading such videos is illegal under the law so do what you gotta do at your own risk.

Steph Lagera scandal.

According to Lagera herself, she does not have such videos going around the internet as you will learn on screenshot of her post below:

Again I remind you our good readers that you must not share around Steph Lagera scandal video / download links, whether it's her or not, not only because it's a terrible thing to do but it is also punishable by law.

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