Abbie Tolentino Figueroa is a car show model and events talent that is quite popular social media. She is considered an internet celebrity and even appeared on some TV show about online sensations. Today she is becoming more famous than ever because of an alleged scandalous video of her and a man doing private stuff.

In the said video, a couple is shown doing the deed while the guy is filming it. The girl in the said clip does look like Abbie and the tattoo on her chest is enough proof for netizens that she is indeed the undoubtedly superb twerker.

Abbie Tolentino scandal and download link spreads.

The Abbie T. video spreads.

Just minutes after the first video (yes, there are multiple videos of Abbie T.) was leaked to FB, it quickly went viral spreading across the Filipino interneting space like wild fire. We estimate that it reach over a million views before it was taken down only to be reuploaded by different pages and groups. Some even posted follow up clips which they named as part 1, part 2, part 3 up to at least part 5. Yeah, I know, even Chito or Hayden did not have that many!
Abbie Tolentino part 1

Caution with sharing videos and/or download links

Not long ago, there's also a scandalous video that hit social media and it was dubbed as Rapbeh by netizens. We reminded you guys that spreading videos of such is illegal and is obviously punishable by law and now we are reminding you again, you may watch such movies but never ever share or repost it or you will be facing some serious jail time.

Abbie Tolentino part 3.

Anyway, we obviously can't share you the Abbie Tolentino scandal video / download link but here's something for you to chew on.

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