The alleged third installment of Abbie Tolentino's scandal has gone viral across social media Wednesday, November 23. Netizens reports that the said video is only the third out of 5 clips that is yet to be released.

Who is Abbie Tolentino anyway?

According to our research team, which is composed by me and a jobless friend, this curvaceous woman is a rising car show model and events talent. She's also quite famous among teens who has interests in Dubsmash, Musically and other social apps. She has also participated in some short online skits on social media in the past and was also one of the girls featured in a TV program centered on internet sensations a year ago.

Abbie Tolentino part 3.

What did she do to trend?

Allegedly, Abbie has a scandal video going around and it's not just one but many believed it's a total of five clips in which she is placed in a hot position. Most of the online Filipino community had already seen parts 1 and 2 and is now very anxious to see the third.

We must remind you though, that spreading such videos is prohibited by our law. We cannot express this enough but do NOT, in any circumstance, share or re-upload Abbie Tolentino part 3 (or any other parts) video or download links because it can get you into serious trouble.
A. T. P. 3

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