After being named by netizens as the third party and reason for the break up between internet celebrity couple Jon Gutierrez (King Badger) and Jelai Andres, Toni Fowler allegedly slashed her wrist.

Photos of the said R-Breezy babe is begun circulating throughout social media early morning Thursday October 26 and is now slowly gaining traction as viral and social media centered blogs pick it..

Jon Gutierrez and Toni Fowler scandal.

Some backstory.

Jon Gutierrez a.k.a. King Badger, a social media celebrity and his FHM model girlfriend Jelai Andres shocked fans when Jelai posted a heartfelt message on her FB advising men to be loyal to their women. Fans then dug deep into it and apparently found out that the two broke up over a third party - allegedly the popular and admittedly yummy twerker, peddler of caps and vapes, and R-Breezy babe Toni Fowler.

Since the news broke out, Jon King Badger, now called by some as King Fuccer, deactivated his Facebook account while photos of them together posted on Jelai Andres' account went unavailable.

Meanwhile, Fowler whom many of the male populace of the internet believe to have much bigger bosom and far more superior skills than Andres, remained mum on the issue. Until today. Well, she did not actually spoke about the issue her name is being dragged in, but people of the interwebs firmly believe not only that the person in the photos are indeed Toni Fowler but also that her slashing her wrist was because of the issue.

Well, as we have always said about every other dramas on social media in the past: see for yourselves and you be the judge. This Jon Gutierrez and Toni Fowler scandal is only week old now so let's wait and see if the plot thickens any further.

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