Louie Baltazar is the newest person to earn the ire of netizens after a video of him scolding a family that was apparently just playing and bonding at the playground of Gateway Garden Heights in Mandaluyong surfaces online and spread like wild fire throughout social media. In the said video, Louie talks about rules and regulations of the condominium, security and safety of the legitimate owners and a certain book.

Louie Baltazar Gateway Garden Heights scandal.

The video starts with Louie asking a young man "Bakit ka ba nandito?" (Why are you here?) then proceeded to question, in a berating tone, the woman with her kids who according to them were tenants (not unit owner) in the condo.

The woman said they were renting the unit owned by a certain Cindy Miranda who is her best friend. But Louie, the angry man in the video, was not pleased by this who said that tenants who are not unit owners tend to 'hit and run'.

The argument escalated quickly because of the arrogance of the dude who insist that the new tenants should read the book of rules and regulations so that they would know how to behave themselves in the vicinity. Apparently, taking videos around the vicinity is not allowed and that only people age 5 to 12 years old are allowed to ride the bicycles at the playground.

Although irritated by the sheer arrogance of Louie Baltazar, the family apologized and backs down.

Here's the rich person and Book Master Louie Baltazar in the video of what would go down in history as the Gateway Garden Heights condo scandal:

After he unexpectedly became social media's official Rich Person and Book Master and became really popular, Louie created a FB page to explain his side of the story and posted the following statement:

Louie Baltazar

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  1. Wala kame pakealam sa libro mo at sa rules and regulations na pinag sasabi mo dyan... Hindi naman yun ang point dito... Whag mo ididivert yung attention ng mga tao sa libro at rules and regulations mo... Lumang style na yang ginagawa mong palusot at pag divert ng attention dyan sa libro at rules and regulations mo... Yung kayabangan mo at kabastusan mo mag salita ang pinag uusapan dito... Kung may ginawang mali ang tao kausapin mo ng maayos... Pangalawa... Anong security threat ang pinag sasabi mo dyan??... security threat ba ang isang nanay na nag babonding kasama ang mga anak nya... GAGO KA TALAGA LOUIE BALTASAR!!!