A man who calls himself Tuseran 40 who's also probably under the influence of illegal substance, particularly of adhesive type such as Vulcaseal, Elastoseal and the likes, openly defies and challenges President Duterte's war on drugs. He was recorded saying that he's better than Du30 because he is (you've guessed it) Tuseran 40!
Tuseran 40 adik.

With all the killings of suspected drug addicts all over the country, T40 appears to be beyond the reach of fear itself. It's either he's fearless or the spirits of all the solvents and roof sealant he snipped all those years has taken over his senses. And we all know that adhesive products specially rugby sold in sachets knows no fear.

The video starts with Tuseran 40 regaling a store owner with gibberish stories and a man's voice in the background telling the cameraman: "Sige ilapit mo sa kanya. Ako bahala pag sinapak ka" (lol what?!). When Mr. 40 noticed the camera he up his enthusiasm and became more animated. He then tells the camera that Du30/2:30 is no better than him because he's Tuseran 40 (forty is higher than 30) and that he helps people with coughs.

He also showed off his tricks with his weapon of choice: an empty bottle of Mountain Dew ensuring us that he can beat Duterte should they face each other in a duel. After that, he promoted his favorite roof sealant.
"Hindi lang pang bubong kundi pang ilong..." - Tuseran40

Here's the now Famous Adik Tuseran 40 the official endorser of Benchin Sky Blue(?).

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