There's literally millions of ways to fight boredom and grumpiness when stuck in a traffic jam forever. Take for example the case of these particular group of friends stuck in a bumper to bumper situation; they forced (no, not the creepy type of forcing) one of their girl friends to dance in the middle of the road.

Girl forced to dance in traffic.

It was all fun and games until fracking huge-arse ten-wheeler trailer truck behind them lost control.. oh wait, that's a different story. This cute girl dancing in the middle of the traffic made it out without having to deal with fatal vehicular accidents.

At first, one of our researchers thinks that the girl is one of those famous internet persons dancing to Dubsmash videos way back but he seem to have forgotten the name. So we dug deeper and found out that the girl in the video is actually from Bangkok, Thailand contrary to the first impression that she's a Filipina.

Her name is Kunyarat Saeheng and she regularly provides the internet with eye candies like the image above.

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