The ruling of an UNCLOS tribunal on the West Philippine Sea or South China Sea to Chinese people, in favor of the Philippines brought joy to many Filipino fishermen. But not everybody is happy with the ruling.

Chinese dude throws eggs on KFC.

There are those who felt rage and anger including but not limited to, this certain Chinese dude who showed his displeasure with the Hague ruling on the said territorial dispute by trying to tear down a KFC restaurant in China.

The man appears to be Chinese, to be sure and also appears to be very angry as he was shouting. We did not bother to call for a translator to know that the man throwing small objects and/or eggs on KFC's glass doors is muttering a variety of curses directed at the United States, the country where Kentucky Fried Chicken originated.

Watch the angry Chinese dude throwing eggs at KFC restaurant.

Anyway, the Chinese dude having not enough strength failed to do some major damage at the restaurant. Or maybe he does not have enough money to pay the damages he would've inflicted on some other Chinese person's property so he threw eggs instead of rocks.

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