A real life Ekans appears in a man's bathroom and it escaped through the toilet to avoid being caught by Pokemon hunters. Well, it was not really a Pokemon but it's a real fudging snake longer than a grown man's arm.

Real life Ekans ahas inodoro.
"A wild real-life Ekans appear"

It looks like a python or boa, the non-poisonous kind but it's still terrifying especially when it came out through the toilet.

Here's how it happened. A group of friends went all nuts when one of them found the snake just when he is about to take a piss. It was not caught in the video how the snake emerge from the toilet but judging by all the screaming and the conversation in video it indeed came through the toilet the same way it escaped the bathroom.

Here's the video of the incident with their funny reactions as they watch the snake crawls into the toilet.

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