Many people have been speculating that Kiko Matos is gay because of the way he carries himself. Well, there's a man who identified himself as the BF of indie film actor Kiko Matos and threatened actor Baron Geisler.

Kiko Matos BF threatens to kill Baron Geisler.

The man appeared to be enraged because of what Geisler did to his BF. He also said, along with several curses, that he also wants to put Geisler in cage shown in the video.

The said video has been going around social media and has been getting attention from fans of Geisler and Matos who by the way is set to face each other inside the cage of URCC tomorrow June 25.

And oh, when we said BF back in the first paragraph we meant best friend. Anyway, here's the said video of Kiko Matos' BF threatening Baron Geisler:

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