In case you've been living under some rock or have been avoiding social media these past few weeks, there's a new dance craze going on Pinoy social media. And no it's not Gangnam Style. It's Trumpets by Sak Noel.

But if you're just a regular social media user then you've probably watched the Trumpets Challenge videos of the hottest Filipino celebrities like Jennylyn Mercado and the Sexbomb Girls. But have you watched the hottest amateur girls from all over Philippine social media?

We're talking about the likes of the ones pictured below:

Trumpets Challenge girls compilations
And this:
Trumpets challenge girls 2
And these two:
Trumpets Challenge girls 3

And most of all this one:
Trumpets Challenge girls compilation

Well, don't worry. We've got you covered for we have found a collection of clips featuring non-celebrity girls doing the said dance craze. Please, help yourselves to the hottest Trumpets Challenge by hot girls compilation below.

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