It's no secret that most Filipinos love basketball and that we tend to take it to a different level when supporting a team. We celebrate when our team wins and we feel devastated when we lose.

In the case of this girl fan of GSW, she couldn't take it that the ever strong Warriors did not win the championship so she was reduced to a puddle of tears. We admire this girl's enthusiasm in supporting the team but it was just unfortunate that they lost to the Cavs.

GSW girl fan crying.

The video, believed to be uploaded by her family members to the internet that some believed to be Cavs fans, has been going around social media and has been gaining some attention.

I just hope that this video would reach the GSW and that they will give her a shoutout or something for her undying and heartfelt support.

Watch Golden State Warriors fan cries after losing to Cavaliers below.

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