After the video of Mystica ranting about a Duterte presidency went viral another video of hers is circulating the web and spreading like wild fire across social media. This time it's an alleged scandal video of her and a certain Troy Montez a.k.a. Kid Lopez.

Mystica and Troy Montez scandal video.

Our researchers who spend lots of time in various video hosting websites including those that has Xs in their domain names, found the videos and came to conclusion that it was indeed Mystica and Kid Lopez but it was all an act. A flick of some sort that obviously has low budget. Our researchers could have dig deeper and find out the title of the movie but chose not to because of lack of enthusiasm on the matter.

We are very sorry to tell you that we can't post the said Mystica and Troy Montez scandal video here but you can easily find it by just looking up their names.

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