Filipino rapper Gloc-9 who's famous for his anti corrupt songs is now under fire from netizens after his performance at Jejomar Binay's campaign event. He performed a couple of songs on a stage in front of hundreds of Binay supporters.

Rapper Gloc 9 endorsing Binay.

The said performance was photographed and recorded and shared on social media which quickly spread and drew political comments and opinions mostly from supporters of the other presidential candidates. Some people stated their dismay and even vowed to delete their pirated copies of Gloc-9 songs from their phones while some defended the rapper saying that he was just doing his job. Trabaho lang, ika nga.

After his FB page has been swarmed by bashful comments, the artist posted this quote:

Gloc 9 for binay?

Here's Gloc 9 performing at a Binay campaign event.

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