Eat Bulaga host and actress Maine Mendoza was caught on camera being swarmed by fans (or haters) resulting her being pushed back against a concrete wall. The moment was caught by Jenissa Diez using a cellphone camera and was then shared on social media.

Maine Mendoza pushed by fans haters.

While the young actress appears to be okay after his aides came to help her she also appears to be a bit shaken by the incident. Many fans who saw the footage expressed their concern towards the well being of their idol while some speculated that those group of fans who rushed her are actually her haters.

This is not the first time that Mendoza got hurt by a swarm of fans. It can be remembered that a similar incident happened at one of Juan For All episodes' when a fan accidentally scratch Yaya Dub on the face.

Anyway, here's where you can watch Maine Mendoza pushed by fans:

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