A set of photographs allegedly of Maine Mendoza better known as Yaya Dub spreads online like wildfire. The photos shows the young internet sensation turned actress in a very compromising position in a couch - with a man.

While the woman in the said scandalous pictures indeed has a great resemblance to Mendoza, fans are quick to judge that it's just a hoax trying to ruin the actress' reputation and that the girl in the pictures is not Maine and that she just look like her. However, not all social media users who looked at the photos share the same opinion as some believe that it might actually be her in the pictures.

An example of an edited Maine Mendoza picture.

In our opinion, the said photos are probably manipulated to look like Yaya Dub. In deeper and darker parts of the internet, such content are common like the one above that is clearly heavily edited. But don't take our word for it because you just got to see the photos in question don't you? For research purposes, right? Well, just knock yourselves out with the alleged Maine Mendoza scandal photos below.

Maine Mendoza scandal

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