Many Filipino social media users somehow feel betrayed or disappointed at the very least by internet celebrity and comedian Ramon Bautista after he became a part of LP presidential candidate Mar Roxas' political advertisement.

Bautista co-hosts a popular current affairs and commentary program Kontrabando produced by TV5. In it, Bautista together with Cupal, De Veyra, Sabayton and Rivera are known to often make fun of Roxas and Binay among other politicos.
Ramon Bautista for Mar Roxas political ad
Screenshots for Tangina This FB Page

Probably the most fun they had was when the show featured Mar Roxas in one of their segment awkwardly fist bumping a kid presumably in attempt to look cool. Watch the clip below and take note of how the hosts had a blast mocking the then DILG secretary Roxas.

Now here is Ramon Bautista in Mar Roxas' political advertisement.

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