You thought that the Pabebe Warriors is the most cringe worthy video of the year to hit social media? Well you are wrong because Jimboy Mahal na Mahal Kita suddenly taking Filipino internet space by storm.

It's a 6 and a half minute long vertical video shot using a camera phone which follows the story of an extremely sad and devastated girl we will only call by the name May. You see, May is a very loving person and there is nothing in the world that she loves so dearly than her boyfriend, Jimboy.
Jimboy mahal na mahal kita.

But after a drinking session with her friends that may or may not be Jejemons, she and the rest of the world found herself in a drunken fit. One of our staff here said upon watching the video she suddenly remembered one of Magandang Gabi Bayan's Halloween special back in the day where kids are being possessed by spirits.

Anyway, in the video May can be heard saying Jimboy, mahal na mahal kita a number of times. Too f-cking many times to be exact. She appeared to have caused great annoyance to her friends that one of them tried to slapped her back to sobriety. But alas, it didn't worked. May, the very loving girl continued to cry and utter words along the lines of "Jimboy mahal na mahal kita" and "andami nyang kalandian sa Facebook".

While being heartbroken is a very sad and very bad experience, being such a nuisance to other people because you are devastated is not cool. Be sad, don't smile. But don't let your emotions throw yourself into an embarrassing drunken fit screaming Jimboy mahal na mahal kita in front of people because that kind of shenanigans will end up on the internet and may or may not be featured on Kapuso Mo Jessica Soho.

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