This one attractive girl was so hungry at restaurant but she can't start eating her meal without her favorite condiment combo: kalamansi and sili so she went ahead and cry to get the attention of the busy food servers. Well, it worked.

But as it turned out, it was just all an act on her side. She shed real tears back there but it's not because she is genuinely upset and devastated that her patis does not have the kalamansi and sili it deserves. Nonetheless, her crying although staged paid off with a waiter came in to her rescue and served her the condiments she was crying for.

Miss Kalamansi Chilimansi

We did some stalky research on the internets in hopes we will find who this girl was and we did not came out empty handed. It says in her FB profile that she is a freelance actress at ABS-CBN and we found several photos of her doing some professional photoshoots.

Miss Kalamansi's real name is Nikki Jane Lontoc and she's from Batangas. Wait, she also wanted sili so we will now call her Miss Chilimansi, the cute girl who went viral because she cried over condiments.

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