A young man joked about planting a bomb in the Philippine Arena during the Sa Tamang Panahon concert was reportedly being hunted down by the authorities.

Christian Jay T. Pundal posted on social media one distasteful joke that the a bomb will be planted at Philippine Arena, the venue of AlDub concert on October 24. His post quickly spread across the internet and caught the attention of authorities who are now conducting a manhunt according to reports.

According to the law and common sense, threatening to bomb places is considered a serious crime that is why hunting people who issue these kinds of threats deserved to be hunted down and be brought in for questioning and be charged. Tito Sotto, a comedian senator in the country who also happens to be a pioneer of Eat Bulaga, also took to Twitter to let the public know that he will find those who made the jokes and hold them accountable. "We are gathering info to fin out the real person behind those threats," he posted. "FYI, you can be imprisoned," he added.

Meanwhile, the internet put on their Sherlock hats and took the investigation into their own hands. One netizen came up with an information that Christian Pundal, the man who posted about bombing AlDub's concert might be connected to Pastillas Girl and posted the photo below.
No one has come forward to prove the authenticity of the above picture.

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