Since Halloween is fast approaching now let us share you this spooky story which involves a monobloc chair moving on its own. The whole thing was even caught by a CCTV camera.

This tanod, named Posong had the most shocking experience he had at their Barangay hall (town hall) when he witnessed a chair moved by itself not once but twice. He was at the town hall's security camera room doing the usual routine of checking the security cameras to see if something's going on outside in the streets when the very chair he was sitting on just a few seconds ago, moved.

Chair moved twice at barangay hall

Posong, shocked, did not know what to do and just froze there staring at the monobloc chair that was by the way, was often used in funerals. The barangay hall was also often used to host wakes of the dead townsfolk.

After calling back his courage, brave Posong managed to put back the haunted chair back to its stack and then he quickly GTFO of the friggin' camera room. Watch the CCTV footage of the whole 'chair moving on its own' incident below and be spooked. Don't worry, there are no jump scare scenes here.

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