A new Bagito Scandal part 3 surfaces on the internet and is now spreading like wildfire across every social media platform that can host videos. Like the title suggests, the footage features a couple, believed to be minors doing the deed or so it appears to be.

It seems that the film was shot using a concealed cellphone camera (by at least a level 7 hokage ninja) and the two having sexytime had no idea they were being filmed and their faces would soon be uploaded and watched on some shady website called Torjacakan Info or something like that by hundreds of thousands of netizens in the country and around the world.

Bagito scandal video part 3.

Since the people in the said bagito video are believed to be just highschool students i.e. minors, we cannot link to it or show screenshots that that may give away their identity. But let me tell you this, the girl looks a lot like Vice Ganda! Yes. A f*cking video where the female looks like Vice Ganda. Let that sinking in for a moment.

But if that information did not scare you and you still want to go ahead and watch the Bagito Scandal video part 3 well proceed at your own risk.

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