Kim Domingo's alleged sex tape is now making rounds in the Philippine social media space as people pass links around with their online peers.

Domingo is professional model and internet celebrity and also probably the most beautiful woman on Pinoy interneting space. she was also the money girl on the now defunct noontime show hosted by Willie Revillame on Abs-Cbn.

She has some 700,000 plus followers on her Facebook account and is no doubt admired by almost all men (and some women) who see her pictures. Needless to say, this woman is extremely beautiful - gorgeous to the moon of Mars and back. Well, you got to see it for yourself so here's some headshots of Kim:

Kim Domingo making faces
Adorable right? Now here's something for a full body shot:
Kim Domingo
There, I 'm pretty sure that we have now established how this woman is extremely attractive. Now let's proceed to the topic at hand: the controversial video of Kim D. Well, as you may have already know, we here at Pinoy News Blogger are avid fans of KD. In fact, we featured her on our YouTube channel some time ago which has gotten over a million views.

We have been closely following her online and each of our male staff has stared at each and ever photos of Kim for at least 3 full minutes. That said, we personally think that she is not the one in the said sexytime video. The girl in the video has some great resemblance to her, though. But we doubt it's our Kim.

Here are some totally clean screenshots from the alleged Kim Domingo video scandal (we watched it for science.. and justice, that's all).

Kim Domingo video scandal

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