Maine Mendoza better known as Yaya Dub is once again a hot topic on the interwebs. This time it's all about the old tweets of Mendoza containing explicit words.

Before Maine Mendoza rose to fame, she's an active social media user. She vines, she uploads videos to YouTube and Facebook and expresses herself in micro-blogging platform Twitter like any other regular netizen.

Most of us in the Philippine interneting space is okay with all that because, well, it's the internet - anything goes here. But mainstream TV fans can't seem to handle it. Some TV junkies are now bashing her for cursing in her past tweets.

If you can remember, it's not only Yaya Dub who was bashed for cursing online. Angelica Jane Yap a.k.a. Pastillas Girl also went under fire from hypocritical fans because she cursed on her video "Paano Gumawa ng Pastillas".

I'm not saying it's alright to curse or bad mouth people especially in public. It's not alright, okay (lol)? But it's natural and is not the only factor that defines a person. So forgive Yaya Dub and Pastillas Girl for cursing. They're just as real as you and me.

Anyway, here are screenshots of the said explicit tweets of Yaya Dub:

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  1. Maine, I'm sure, you don't mean those words because young as you are, you don't have the experience to be that angry to the world. You can erase those foul words by being tactful now.

  2. I don't think it was her who posted those. Because based on her ask.fm, she answered there that she curse sometimes but she doesn't speak of the P word po.

  3. Isn't it obvious that this is part of someone's Demolition Job on AlDub? There are people who are insecure and so threatened by AlDub's success and fame that they would do anything just to discredit these 2 people who aren't doing anything wrong. Tsk tsk...live and let live people! Just be happy for other people's success!

  4. Here is my analysis on Maine Mendoza's supposed tweets circa 2010 and 2011:

    First, Maine was around 15 or 16 years old, and as much as you expect teenage girls to be as innocent and clean-mouthed like what most adults expect teenagers to be, but please bear in mind that people on their teenage years are at their MOST HORMONAL. The angst that you feel, the worst bullying done and experienced, premarital sex, experiment on drugs etc., are usually experienced on teenage years. IT is in teenage years where you commit your most crazy "kalokohan" you did in life. If there is a truthiness on the tweets uttered by Maine, that is understandable, though I do not exactly condone swearing on social media. When you are pissed off with someone, and you happened to be in teenage years, it is easy for someone to rant with swear words, and would be easier to express your rant when you are on mobile. In our everyday lives, we usually hear swearing expressions from a teenager more often than an adult. Realtalk, most bus drivers are nakaka-putangina because their are careless and crass.

    She is 20 years old now, but she is still a teenager, not yet an adult. As I see her tweets filled with cuss words, that was dated like, March 2015 backwards.

    What is the age of adulthood, regardless of sex? 21, right?

    Now, let's proceed to Pastillas Girl, Angelica Yap.

    If I am not mistaken, Pastillas Girl created her Yema and Pastillas videos just this year. Pastillas Girl is 21 years old, right? What even made matters worse is she even took a video, and she cussed the hell out. What even made it worse is, the recipe itself is NOT HER ORIGINAL, but from someone named Miel Francisco. What made worse on Angelica's reputation is, she had her pictures took and she was smoking, and even had it posted on cyberspace. I have nothing against smoking, just that, your smoking pictures is not at ALL acceptable to all people, that is why I do not usually post pictures of me smoking.

    I do not actually think cussing means immaturity. What did you do on your life as a teenager and how you handled life represents your maturity or immaturity. If you are going to compare the backgrounds of Angelica Yap and Maine Mendoza, maturity is still being sensed from Maine, because despite all the insecurities she went thru, all the emotional turmoils she had, still able to manage finish college in her own merit. No one attested if she ever had commited any decadent act. No one attested her supposed brattiness back she was a teenager. You do not need to flaunt your so-called excellent traits, because if you truly have any excellent traits, people around you will attest. Maine's friends attested her attitude as a friend. Nothing was heard from any friend of Angelica about the latter's excellent traits. Wala na ngang nag-attest at kung meron man, panget na aspect ng buhay mo ang naisiwalat.

  5. She wasnt a public figure back then, based on her tweets (if real man yan), she was just a normal, 1st year/ 2nd year College student enjoying and messing around with here friends on twitter, (I know, ganyan din ako mag tweet at makipagusap sa mga close friends ko), and the tweets are from 2011... two thousand eleven! Who the hell was yaya dub then, there wasn't even apps like dubsmash back then. :)) so basically her tweets and posts are meant to be seen only by her closest friends :))

    We all rant on our social media, kaya napaka normal lang ng tweets na yan :) she was a frosh at CSB pa siguro or senior highschool pa ng mga panahon na yan, di naman niya siguro na foresee na magiging super sikat siya 4 years later :)

    stop the hate, spread the love :)
    kasi ngayon naman, she is using her fame na for good :) ayun, magkaibang situations and time kasi :)

  6. So what if she said all these things? Typical rantings like these are very common for ordinary netizens. Back then, she was just like the rest of us, a kid growing up in the age of social media. She never thought she would be famous later on. Now bashers are throwing mud at her with the rants she tweeted years ago when she was just a kid. Come on. Bashers can do better. To Maine, you go girl! Great things are ahead of you just keep your nose clean and your intentions clearer. Now that you are a public figure, whether you like it or not, young girls are looking up to you. So watch everything you do not for your sake or your family's but for the little ones idolizing you.

  7. Hindi po ito totoo...
    Ni hindi nga sya nag tweet nung january 21,2011 eh...
    Tapos may ganyan? Gawa-gawa lang yan ng mga bashers :-t
    Peace&Love sa gumawa nyan :>)