We found a photo of Yaya Dub Maine Mendoza eating pares at a restaurant in Quezon City. Yeah, we thought we should make a post about it since we are all into everything AlDub. Non-fans please move along.

So this photo right here was first uploaded to the FB page of Pares Retiro Visayas Avenue. It's a picture of Maine Mendoza eating a deliciously looking pares with a man that is sadly not Alden Richards. In the photo's cation it reads: "Idol Yaya Dub kelan ang kasal? Invite mo kaming mga ka-pares ah!"
Maine Mendoza eating pares

Remember when Joey de Leon tweeted that AlDub's success can be summed up by twords: Dimple and Simple? That's what came into mind when we first saw this and we are like "Woah! She's eating pares and/or mami?! And she's eating said pares and/or mami with a bearded man! She's such a cowgirl!" Then it hit us. What if that bearded man is not a man whom her relation with is not platonic? What if it's not a family member or a male friend? What if... it's her real-life lover?

Well, if that is the case and that man is indeed her actual boyfriend, I guess we just have to wish them both all the best even though our hearts root for AlDub love-team to be for real.

A little bit saddened by the thought that Maine Mendoza has a boyfriend, we hired a very skilled photoshop wizard to turn the photo above into an AlDub material. Here's what we got:
Yaya Dub and Alden Eating Pares

That's it for our daily dose of AlDub. What do you think of this photo of Yaya Dub eating pares with someone? Share us your thoughts!

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  1. Maine had always been faithful to her friends-- sure, he's not a competitor-- and so the cutting, pasting, and covering of the male's face isn't just. I hope that Maine will be helped by media to mature as a person, be loyal with her old friends, gain new ones and move on with life in a normal way.