A geological event called liquefaction occurred in Benguet was caught in camera and has gone viral on social media, August 29, Sunday. The video shows what appears to be part of a hillside sliding away from the rest of the hill where houses stand.

The video was first uploaded by Pandora's Box with captions asking why the news didn't reach mainstream media.
Soil liquefaction Benguet Philippines

Liquefaction is a geological event that is caused by temporary weakening of sediments in soil. In such events, the solid acts like a liquid. In this case, the soil being solid acts like moving liquid. Watch the actual video of the said liquefaction below:

While soil liquefaction is an awesome sight to behold, it is actually terrifying and pose great dangers to people's lives and properties. Deforestation is believed to be one of the leading cause of soil liquefaction in Benguet and in many other mountainous regions in the country.

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