The original author of the popular hugot Pastillas Recipe that went viral a few days ago reacts to Pastillas Girl's viral video. The original author of the said recipe is FB user Benedict Driehenne Sanchez Garcia.

According to Garcia's status message on his timeline he posted in the morning of September 15, he was not quite amused by how Pastillas Girl delivered his work in her video. He listed three things about how Angelica Yap did not gave the justice his recipe deserves. Below is the screenshot of his reaction:

Original Hugot Pastillas Recipe bitter
Rough translation:
"So this here is the so called Pastillas Girl... She should've been called Tang*** Girl.

These are what I've noticed.
1. For me, she does not appeal [to viewers] that much. (The likes of Maja Salvador are my type LOL).
2. Terrible delivery. You should have memorized the script first so that you could have gave justice to my work (of art?). Not only you didn't give credit you also delivered my piece like you are a rapper.
3. There is no profanity in the original recipe that I wrote. You curse crunchy (LOL!)... Now you are getting famous for negative reasons.

To you (because you made the video) and to whoever edited my recipe... Guys, it seems you're forgetting what sugar is used for? It has 3 ingredients.. Why did you mention only 2?

Good morning to all."

Here's a screenshot of his original post of the recipe time-stamped at January 27, 2014:

It seems that this guy is indeed the original author of the so called hugot pastillas recipe that was used by Pastillas Girl who is now quite popular, but another social media user named Miel Francisco is the one whose post went viral.

Now hear me out, I believe that we all should give credit where credit is due whenever we can. But because of the sheer vastness of the internet, giving credit for a piece of work is rather difficult. A little bit of understanding from all parties could make this way smoother. But that's just my two cents. You can always resume on hating each other and stuff.

Speaking of giving credits, I made a simple guide on who did what on this whole Pastillas viral thing. Please see below the comprehensive guide so you can sleep well at night:

The Viral Pastillas Recipe guide

Benedict Driedhenne Garcia - The original author of Hugot Pastillas Recipe.

Miel Francisco - The person was the one whose post went viral (plus she is kind of cute).

Angelica Jane Yap a.k.a. Pastillas Girl - This person used the Pastillas recipe authored by Benedict Garcia in a video which went viral and even reached the mainstream media. This person is also kind of cute. And quite sexy too.

I wish that the pointers above will help you figure out this whole darn Pastillas thing. Now, let's get back to complaining about EDSA traffic or hashtagging AlDub or Kathniel or whatever, shall we?

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