One netizen who chose to remain anonymous sent us a message ranting about the recent news in which Mayor Duterte of Davao City made a tourist eat a cigarette butt. We receive messages like these all the time and when we think a message is worth posting, we post it.

This particular netizen is not quite happy about the recent news of a tourist in Davao City who violated the city's no smoking ordinance was made to choose by the mayor Duterte himself if he would rather be shot right in the crotch, spent some jail-time or eat the cigarette butt.

In that story that was posted by a certain Manny Pinol, the tourist chose to eat his cigarette butt. A wise choice if you would ask me. But our rant sender is not quite delighted by the mayor's way of making Davao City smoke free. He points out that Duterte might be a leader who is not in the right mind to use an iron fist to discipline his subjects and is just being 'pa macho'.

Our rant sender also said that if Duterte wants to really make his city smoke free, he should go after its source and not the mere consumers.

Here are some screenshots of rant sender's messages to us:
What do you think of this netizen's reaction to Duterte making a tourist eat a cigarette butt? Does he have a point or nah? Do you think Rodrigo Duterte is just being 'pa macho'? Let us know your opinion in the comments below or you can also send us your lengthy but critical rant on our FB page's inbox.

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