According to a new research, Filipinos today use 'movie marathon' to get romance, get laid, get in a relationship but mostly just get laid. Read: one night stand.

The scenario goes like: your friend from the opposite sex invites you to a movie marathon over at his or her place but 20 minutes in he or she starts to get really close and physical. Then you get confuse and ultimately find yourself willingly engaged in intimacy with him or her. That's what (our) researchers call the 'movie marathon syndrome'.
Movie marathon strategy

According to our extensive research (that means we have talked with friends and googled things regarding this matter), Filipino men aged 18 to 30 years old employs this strategy to get laid. In fact, 9 out of 10 of our male friends we interviewed says they use movie marathon to score on women and it almost always work.

That means when a guy invites you to a movie marathon at his place, there is a 90% chance he just wants to get into your pants instead of actually watching movies. Yes, only 10% of men actually intends to ONLY watch movies with ladies when they invite them to a movie marathon. Probably one of those guys who knew all Game of Thrones' characters' name and their houses.

On the other hand, 70% of the women we interviewed only said that they employ the movie marathon strategy to get romantic (i.e. get in a relationship) with someone and not necessarily to get laid. That leaves us guys with a 30% chance that we will score a home run if we get invited by a female to watch a bunch of movies at their places.

Our research also indicates that if a person (opposite sex) calls you 'Bes' or 'Besfren' even though you only know each other for like 3 months, there's a 99% chance that he or she will employ the movie marathon strategy on you.

This is the part where we put our disclaimer: The research we've done is obviously limited so don't take the information you have just read as a super accurate data. But you can help expand our research by sharing us your own experiences.

Are you a female that has experienced being invited to come over a friend's house to a movie marathon? Tell us your story. I mean, drop all the steamy details, and just tell us what happened. Did the guy put on Bestfriends With Benefits first even though he knew you already watched it 20 thousand times?

Please help us expand our research on this movie marathon strategy by sharing us your experience in the comments below. Happy movie marathon!

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