A Filipino gamer on YouTube records his encounter with the alleged haunted account in Clash of Clans, a popular mobile game. He tells in his video that there were rumors of a dead COC player whose village now acts strangely.

The Filipino mobile gamer Vicipwn also found out that the alleged haunted COC account is belongs to a Malaysian clan named DEDAM77BERADIK. Although the said account appears to be inactive, it was said in rumors and passed around in word of mouth that some curious players that managed to visit it saw that it has active builders which suggests that the village is still being 'played'.

Clash of Clans COC ghost village

However, the majority of those who tried to visit or view the said village whose name by the way is Angarkey Rikhi, reported that the app would strangely crash when they attempt to visit it. The Pinoy YouTuber who plays and record a lot of mobile games on his channel also experienced the same thing and said that the COC app mysteriously crashed when he tried to visit it.

According to him, he only tried it twice and did not attempt for a third time because he was somehow creeped out during his second attempt to visit the Angarkey Rikhi's base. "It's like it's giving me the feeling that it would let me visit his base if I would just try enough times", Vicipwn said in his video.

Watch his video below and tell us what you think about this alleged Clash of Clans ghost village that is creeping out gamers.

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