Ella Cruz recently did an opening number for NCAA Season 91 and, you guessed it right, she danced the recently trending dance craze called Twerk It Like Miley. It was all good and lovely and she was even cheered on by the crowd for her adequate performance.

In the middle of the performance, though, Ella had a minor wardrobe malfunction. It's nothing serious and no, neither of her mammary glands dangled for all the world to see! In other words, it's no big deal.

While she did well with her performance and the live audience there were applauding her with approval, the comments section of the replay video of the said performance is raging with not so pleasing comments... or is it funny? IDK. One of our staff here thinks some of the comments are just mean while another one said the comments are hilarious but totally burns.

Ella Cruz's NCAA opening dance number
One of our crew here in our workplace even said that the comments in the said YouTube video pertaining to Ella Cruz's ass being inadequate for twerking is nothing but facts that we all need to deal with. Seriously, I don't want to judge so I will put the matter in your hands.

The debate regarding Ella Cruz's ass clearly does not have enough participants so if you have the time, feel free to join but be sure you watch the video first.

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