A Hungarian camerawoman was caught on camera tripping a fleeing Syrian refugee father carrying a child. The poor migrant went to ground with his child.

Petra Lazlo, who was working for local TV station N1TV, which by the way is run by a known anti-immigration far-Right Jobbik party, was caught not only tripping the man mentioned earlier but she was also caught on cam kicking other refugees fleeing a camp, including a young girl.
camerawoman trips refugee

The incident took place at the Serbian border village of Roske when police came charging at the camp. Petra Lazlo must have took it as a cue to start her heartless kicking of the refugees who was by the way just want to get to safety.

Watch the heartbreaking and anger inducing video of camerawoman tripping refugees who were just trying to find safety.

Camerawoman trips refugee father carrying a childCamerawoman, pinatid ang isang Syrian refugee na may bitbit na anak.
Posted by Pinoy News Blogger on Tuesday, September 8, 2015

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