As Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza's AlDub tandem continues to be more and more popular, their audience demographics also continues to expand. Take for example this 3 year-old AlDub super-fan.

Just like the other baby fan of the AlDub love team, little fan Evangelica Leigh Pardo from Las PiƱas also wants to meet Alden and Maine in person. Her mother, Loralyn Jimenez Pardo even asked us for help on our FB page so we can put her daughter's simple tribute video to a wider audience and hopefully reach AlDub's attention. And because we think Baby Leigh is adorable and deserving, we decided to help.

3 year old baby Aldub super fan

We here at Pinoy News Blogger are not only here for making things go viral, we are also a bunch of AlDub fans and as fellow fans, we look out for each other.

Now, I and the rest of our staff, plea for your support, our fellow AlDub fans, please make this little super-fan of AlDub reach the attention of Maine and Alden. She might not meet the tandem she admires so much but who knows, she might get a simple shout out from her idols which we believe would mean a lot to her and it will be forever a part of her happy memories as a child. How awesome is that, right?

AlDub fans, I give you AlDub super-fan Baby Leigh in her tribute video to AlDub:

Baby fan's tribute to AlDubThe 3-year-old AlDub super fan who wants to meet Alden and Yaya Dub.
Posted by Pinoy News Blogger on Thursday, September 10, 2015

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