Robin Padilla withdraws from movie Nilalang in which Maria Ozawa would be her co-star. The withdrawal of Robin from the supposed to be MMFF entry has Ozawa calling him 'unprofessional'.

According to Maria, they were scheduled to start shooting 10 days from Tuesday when Padilla's manager issued statement saying the action star is withdrawing from the production of the said film due personal circumstances.
Robin Padilla backs out from movie with Maria Ozawa

"It's not that I really wanted to film with Robin but I think it was so unprofessional of him to call it off 10 days before the shooting starts. I feel so sorry for the film directors, staff, etc.," Maria Ozawa posted on social media.

Robin Padilla's wife Mariel is having a delicate pregnancy as they were expecting a triplet.

According to Robin's camp, he decided to withdraw from the movie so that he can attend to his wife's needs during her pregnancy. Binoe also posted the following on Instagram:

What do you think of Robin Padilla's withdrawal on Maria, uh, I mean, from the film he was supposed to star with Maria Ozawa.

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