Pabebe Girls fever gets parodied by a bunch of foreigner kids. With their accented Tagalog it turns out so adorably funny.

The video that is about to go viral features three non-Filipino girls and one videobomber boy sitting in the background. All smiles and one of them said "We are the Pababy Girls" then cuteness and adorableness followed.
Pababy Girls Foreigner Pabebe Girls

Watch the adorable video of this three kids doing the Pabebe Warriors impression.

The original viral video these kids are imitating is the one which Janet, Michelle and Vehlpoe uploaded to FB and was popularized by Pinoy News Blogger as Pabebe Warriors on YouTube. At first, the video did not amuse the netizens but after they appeared on local TV and explained that it was just an act, the netizens forgive them for their being maldita.

Is this a sign that the Pabebe fever is about to hit the international audience? What do you think? Aren't these PaBaby Girls / Foreign Pabebe Girls adorable?

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