A sleek black car with a label that says Fake Taxi was spotted here in the Philippines. The photo was posted by FB user Erin Deighl on August 4, 2015 and it quickly gained attention from netizens.

What's Fake Taxi anyway? You may ask. Well it's like a regular taxi but fake lol. Seriously, it's a pornographic website whose films features a taxi cab driver roaming countries in Europe and picking up women passengers then somehow ending up having sex with them inside the cab.
Fake Taxi in the Philippines

Contrary to popular belief, the supposed female passengers picked up by Fake Taxi are all actors. They were signed and were just acting as passengers. Read: scripted.

Anyway, Filipino fans (some of them are girls) are now excited because of this photo. But just a heads up though, pornography is illegal in this country but then again, prostitution is common in the streets at night and the authorities can't do sh*t about it so this Fake Taxi in the Philippines would probably get away with it just like Trike Patrol did.

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