Port city in Tianjin, China was rocked by a massive explosion on Wednesday. A shipping container full of flammable chemicals was believed to be the cause of the catastrophic explosion.

Although it was said in reports that it was likely to be caused by chemicals stored in the area, what ignited it is still unknown. Nevertheless, the explosion is without a doubt a massive one, so powerful it was reported being seen from a weather satellite in space.

China Chemical Explosion August 12, 2015

Other reports said that buildings as far as 10 kilometers collapsed. See the actual explosion caught on camera by netizens near the area of explosion in China.

China Chemical Explosion August 12, 2015This just in: China was rocked by a huge explosion with a force of 21 ton TNT. Read details here:
Posted by Pinoy News Blogger on Wednesday, August 12, 2015
Reports from different news organizations say that at least 17 people died in what many refers to now as the China Chemical Explosion of August 12, 2015, but authorities fear that the death toll will rise as rescue efforts progress.

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