A group of young men believed to be FEU students is seen in a video scoffing a manicurist. One of the customers or possibly also one of the said group filmed the incident.

It appears that the establishment is not able to service all of them for some reason but we can never really tell because the video starts with one of the guys acting rude towards the lady manicurist doing his nails.

FEU Students socld manicurist

The video obviously did not cover the whole situation and raise more questions than give fair view of the altercation. We cannot help ourselves but ask: why are these men trying to get their nails done?

Please go watch the video of the said incident below as we try to figure out why these Tamaraws getting their nails done.

What do you think of the incident? Is it the alleged FEU students or the manicurist was at fault?

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