This 3 year-old fan of Eat Bulaga's AlDub love team cannot be stopped from challenging Yaya Dub to a Dubsmash showdown. The little fangirl goes by the name Inday Dub and we find her so adorable.

The mother of this little cutie reached out to us and shared us her daughter's video doing some dubsmashes. According to her, Inday Dub asked to be recorded doing some dubs in hopes that it would reach the attention of Alden. "Fan na fan sya ng AlDub. Gusto niya mapanuod ni Alden yung video.", Krisneyjazz Anolacse wrote in a message to us.
Inday Dub challenges Yaya Dub

And because we find her so adorable we are more than happy to help her and so we have decided to feature Inday Dub here on our site and on our YouTube channel as well. Watch her cute video below:

You too can help Inday Dub make her video reach Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza by sharing this article and video.

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