Did you know that Maine Mendoza a.k.a.Yaya Dub has an equally hilarious best friend in real life? Her name is Janeeva Verceles and she's also a Dubsmasher who made waves on social media the same time as Maine.

"She is in actual fact my CLOSEST/best friend and the only person I genuinely trust, for everyone's information. We tell each other everything; may it be important or irrelevant. We talk to each other almost everyday for we never ran out of things to say/talk about. I would really love to enumerate the things we normally do and the reasons why she is indeed one hell of a best friend but it would take me a whole day to construct everything. Basically, our personalities just click perfectly. Yun lang.", Maine wrote in one of her posts on social media. 
Yaya Dub and her Bestfriend Janeeva

Janeeva's Dubsmash videos has also garnered several million views and was also featured in some of Pinoy News Blogger's Dubsmash compilations on YouTube. Her works are actually on par with those of her Dubsmash Queen bestfriend in terms of hilarity and 'pampa goodvibes' qualities. She also have this expressive cute face. Cute and funny; the two factors needed to capture the favor of the audience.

So we here at PNB (not the bank) decided to make a compilation of videos of Janeeva being hilarious. We ninja-borrowed these videos from Maine and Janeeva's social accounts and put it together to create the ultimate Yaya Dub and Janeeva friendship goal compilation. Watch and enjoy!

Yaya Dub's Bestfriend in real life is also too funny
Cute at kwela din itong besfriend sa totoong buhay ni Maine Mendoza a.k.a. Yaya Dub.
Posted by Pinoy News Blogger on Tuesday, September 15, 2015

What do you think? Isn't she also so cute and funny? Now imagine Yaya Dub and her best friend Janeeva on TV (say Eat Bulaga) together doing their act. Would it not be so epic? We think it definitely would!

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