Maine Mendoza the Filipina Dubsmash Queen a.k.a. Yaya Dub has been making even bigger waves on social media lately because of her being teamed up with Eat Bulaga co-host Alden Richards.

Their tandem undoubtedly has become one of the best part of Eat Bulag for this month. Their chemistry is so prevalent that every time the camera focuses on them the audience go crazy.
Yaya Dub Real Voice

But this post is not about the kilig pa more factor of the AlDub love team but to show you something you might have not seen yet. You see, Yaya Dub only speaks with recordings and not with her real voice when she delivers her lines on TV. So do you want to see and hear what she sounds for real?

Without further adieu, watch and hear Yaya Dub's real voice in this short compilation of her Vine videos from way back before she became the Dubsmash Queen.

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